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BHP, formerly known as BHP Billiton, is the trading entity of BHP Group Limited and BHP Group plc, an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals and petroleum dual-listed public company headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A former employee shares his thoughts on, "Great benefits and teammates to work with. Management in BHP Billiton is in constant flux with no real direction or solid plans for actual growth through the drill bit. Many fear mining will eventually get rid of petroleum altogether. BHP petroleum just recently went through massive layoffs even in the rising oil economy."


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HSEC legal compliance officer (Former Employee) says

"strategy was downsize company then purchase there houses when the employees hadn't employment there processes and reports were ancient and inadequate .staff unqualifiedtechnology problems"

LABORATORY ANALYST (Former Employee) says

"Pathetic retardation, a culture of nitwits.Politically correct morons.Brain dead little midgets..more worried about Diversity than actual mining.They are a disgrace.."

Ed Tech III (Former Employee) says

"I had a horrible experience within this agency. There was a lot of power struggles with those in charge. Communication with poor and no flexibility within the position. Drastic turnover of employees"

Power Station Controller (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 12 months getting the plant up and running and after that they shut the plant down and made us all redundant, management were ok and the job wasn't hard"

Laborer/Welder helper, Helpers (Former Employee) says

"Job title that was given was not meet with the job duties that was entailed. Work place environment was good but supervisor duties and employees were good also."

All-rounder Operator (Current Employee) says

"Iv never worked for a company that spews out soooooo much propaganda and lies. They love having flash web page and pretty positive posters and love to project themselves as this caring and warm family friendly business, it's all smoke n mirrors! Greedy lying full of greedy management and have the mentality that we own you .It's a jobWe're do I start"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Our typical days start with safety meeting were the team is conducted to the day challenges and the risks associated looking for the company goals. The code of business conduct is the guide to lead the relationship with co-workers. As technician to fix breakdowns in shortest time is our challenge at all in order to maintain high quality of production."

Completion Completion Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Had alot of fun working with them felt safe working for a company that paid so much attention to safety no matter what it cost"

Site Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Great benefits, great management. accommodations for remote work not good at all. would recommend to anyone who doesn't mind living from hotel to hotel"

Field Landman (Current Employee) says

"Company went out of business after I left and i am not sure as to what happened to the company"

Joint Venture Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management only cares about the bottom line. Supervisors are unfriendly and harsh and have no leadership capabilities and do not belong in those capacities."

Trader (Former Employee) says

"At a marketing level is too restrictive and people spend too much time following useless repetitive protocol rather than being in the market creating value for shareholders. All for risk based approach however as per typical BHP fashion they have knee-jerk reactions to everything. Very very weak management and in most cases not skilled to be leaders int the industry. BHP have no idea how to manage people or inspire and cultivate their teams. One of the worst companies I have worked for. Such a shame because long long ago they were a great company to work for.wagesmanagement, culture, lack of common sense, poor trading practices, lack of mentorship and global leaders to build competitive teams, knee jerk reactions from safety to commercial issues"

Ingeniero de Mantenimiento y Confiabilidad (Current Employee) says

"Empresa con altos estándares y con una excelente estrategia, sin embargo muy mal ejecutada, lo que conlleva a un desgaste permanente en solucionar problemas en forma improvisada, el uso de herramientas no competentes tales como el Whastapp para la solución de estos problemas. Un día tópico de trabajo parte a las 6:30 de la mañana y termina a las 23:30 hrs,Teóricamente muy bien estructurada, excelente en este sentido es un lugar muy valioso.Falta de planificación real lo que genera una cultura para resolver el imprevisto."

MSHA electrician (Current Employee) says

"New Mexico coal, Navajo Minel is a demeaning and demoralizing place to work. Management group consists of racist and egotistical people with no care for their work force. Production comes first while safety falls behind.benefits through BHPBILLITON companymanagement group treatment of employees"

Superintendent (Current Employee) says

"A horrible company who I wouldn't even recommend to my worst enemy.Actively looking for a new position (May 2011) or may just resign anyway.moneyeverything else"

asistente de geologia (Former Employee) says

"ambiente de trabajo el ultimo año muy malo, no había seguridad laboral, a un a si , se podía trabajar sin muchas complicaciones .teniamos un buen turno de diez díaslos turnos no eran fijos, no se podio planificar nada"

Sr. Oracle DBA (Consultant) says

"Management has moved all IT to Infosys and laid off of fired all American consultants and some employees. Most of Infosys employees are working from India and have little or no experience. Even onsite typically less than 2 years of experience.salary scalemanagement has little or no insight"

completion foreman (Former Employee) says

"mostly in the field. The aircards and phones had trouble working, and it would take 4 or 5 times to do a report"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"BHP used to be about its people and would invest in training and upskilling them ensuring they were qualified and experienced so they could step up and lead in their area of expertise. since moving HR overseas BHP is now about its automation and are KPI focused allowing the management to ruthlessly manipulate how they achieve their KPIs which is only for their own good and not the for the greater good of the company or its staff."

Geoscientist (Former Employee) says

"Great benefits and teammates to work with. Management is in constant flux with no real direction or solid plans for actual growth through the drill bit. Many fear mining will eventually get rid of petroleum all together. BHP petroleum just recently went through massive layoffs even in the rising oil economy.Great benefit packagesOvertly political management culture. Little to no chance of career advancement."

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